An Overlook Of The Services Offered At The Solace Salon

Salons are considered as the relaxation place for ladies. They have their typical ‘me time’ at salon. Women usually go to salon to get services done. They forget all their worries while sitting in the salon. It is considered to be the best time for them. Spending a few hours away from house away from family give them a new energy and this time they only think about themselves and their grooming. Because, they want to look beautiful. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and stylist make them more beautiful with the different services.

Solace hair salon is one heaven for the ladies of Sydney. We have diversified services available in our salon. We take care each and every woman and consider all the ladies as our first priority and we try to give them services at best. We try to satisfy them in all possible ways and we pamper them so that they have a good and enjoyable time at our salon.

The Services:

Following are the services that we give at our salon.

  • Hair Cutting:

We have an expert of hair stylist. We charge according to the style a client wants. We can cut any style. We have an expert of layer cutting, straight cutting, U-shape cutting, bangs cutting, step cutting, mushroom cut, bob cut etc. We give our services to kids as well. We also have experts of trimming because all ladies know, we should trim our hairs after every 6 weeks. Otherwise, they get damaged and split end ruin the strength of the hairs. So, it is advisable to trim hairs.

  • Hair Dying:

These days, people are more into fashion. Social media has created awareness latest fashion. Even a small kid knows what is in fashion and how to follow the new trends. Hair dying is in fashion. We have experts for hair dying, streaking, low lights, highlights, single colour, double colour, ombre etc. We also help people as to which colour goes with their skin tone and then we give them colour accordingly.

  • Hair Styling:

We have a professional hair stylist in or salon. We hire them after a lot of practices sessions and experience. A hairstyle should be neat and tidy. We do different types of braids, straightening, rebounding, re-relaxation, curling, hair buns, messy hairs, formal hair styling, wedding hair styling etc.

At our salon, we also give bridal hair and makeup services to the girls who are soon to be getting married.  We make sure to satisfy our clients as they are the backbone of our salon and we also give them free consultation before giving them services.

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