The Art Of Painting

As time has passed, the way of painting and the things used have also changed over the period. The world has evolved and advancements in the world and technologies have paved the way for diversification. The colour usage has become far more complex than it used to be and the illustration of thoughts to depict on the canvas has become more baroque.

There are so many styles painters have followed over time, some of the styles felt more real than the rest of them. As an art critic or an art enthusiast, you need to understand what you are looking at. Even if you are an emerging artist and are looking for a certain style, check these styles, and see what works for you.

Below are a few styles that infamous artists have used over some time:

  1. Realism: From the Renaissance, this style has been fairly popular and widely used. The painting looks very real life and until you don’t notice it from up close, you would not be able to identify the spectrum of colours and the painting strokes. The painter tricks the onlookers and gives an illusion of realism.
  2. Abstract art: Abstract art is an art which is the exact opposite of real-life art. It is made up of shapes and colours. The objects are symbolised in the form of shapes and the colours convey emotions. Abstract art challenges the onlookers to interpret the painting themselves and hunt for its meaning. The professional abstract arts would spark your interest the moment you lay their eyes on it.
  3. Impressionism art: It is the form of art that looks rather incomplete and is the impression of the painter. It is made up of thin paint strokes which makes them look rough and a bit edgy. Black colour is rarely used in the paintings and various colours are mixed to make the perfect shades.

4:Indigenous dot painting: This style of painting emerged from the times of the Aboriginal people, they used the Indigenous dot painting to decorate the bodies for special occasions and traditions. In ancient times, the aboriginal people also decorated rock galleries with dot paintings. If this painting style catches your eye and sparks your interest, then head over to our Mbantua Gallery in Darwin. We have an array of Aboriginal art that is guaranteed to look aesthetically pleasing to you.

  1. Painterly style: The metal paint tube was a ground-breaking invention in the world of art, the artists no longer had to stick in the studio. They further did not attempt to hide the flaws and materials used in the paintings and neither did they try to smooth or even out the texture of the palette knives.

These were just some of the many styles you can follow to create your paintings and there are a plethora of styles out there. Find out which one works for you and then paint your magic on your canvas.

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