The Causes For Having Mood Swings For A Longer Period

Depression is a serious and common illness. Although depression is treatable sickness it depends on the person’s level of depression. Mood disorder is known as depression. These moods swings are usually feeling low and down for a longer period like sadness, loneliness, loss of interest etc. depression can interfere in a person’s daily life if not treated. Depression is seen in both men and women but women are mostly the ones affected with depression. Depression treatment Perth can help improve the anger and depressed person.

Before a depression treatment is done the doctor will get a physical examination to rule the causes and symptoms of depression. After this the doctor will conduct diagnostic evaluation to determine the level of depression the patient is feeling and depending on the kind of depression the patient is suffering the doctor will advice which treatment is appropriate such as psychotherapy or medication or both. 

There are many causes and reasons for a person to be depressed. The symptoms of depression vary from patient to patient. Some of the symptoms will depend on a person’s age, gender, culture and so on.

• Physical, emotional or sexual abuse

• Certain medicines such as drugs use for acne, etc

• Grief and sadness of a loss or death of loved family member or friend

• Conflicts and disputes with friends and family members

• Genetics that is if there is an increase risk of depression in the family history.

• Life changing situations like moving to another country, losing a job, retiring, getting divorced and so on

• Personal problems like peer pressure, social groups, family issues and other mental illnesses

• Abuse of substance

• Serious disease or illness such as cancer

The symptoms and signs for depression are:

• Loneliness

• Temper and Anger

• Crying frequently

• Overwhelming of sadness

• Feeling blue and down

• Worthlessness and feeling hopeless

• Anxiety

• Feeling violent

• Guilt

• Trouble remembering

• Tiredness

• Too much of sleep or no sleep at all

• No enjoyment in activitie

• Physical pains that are unexplainable like headaches, joint pains or muscles pains

• Difficult to concentrate

• Sudden weight loss or weight gain

• Changes in eating habits

• Suicide thoughts

• Cutting oneself such as near the wrist or thigh

• Feeling stress

However these different types of depressions from mild to severe depression can be treated. Today doctors and therapist use different types of methods in treating depression. These psychologists Perth WA will help diagnose the problem and advice the appropriate and recommended treatment for depression.

Depression varies for each individual and is caused mostly by physiological or environmental factors. The brain chemistry of a person will cause the individual to go under depression.

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