The Traveler’s Bottle

While you may think the traveler’s bottle refers to a flask full of whisky for those long sleepless nights, you think wrong. Of course, alcohol is very important when you are going adventuring. For…medical purposes. You know, if you get a cut or scrape. However, there are three necessities every explorer or traveler in the wild must look for. These are food, water and shelter. You need all three if you hope to survive. Now, there are many survival guides out there. Most of them give you basic advice on all three. For example, finding shelter would involve a nice cave or a lofty tree. It could also mean building your own shelter with branches from trees.
The Three Things a traveler must do
Finding food is a little harder than this. You would need to live off the land. This would require you to be able to identify poisonous berries and other fruit. You would need to be able to build a fire and even catch wild animals. Yes, survival would require you to slaughter Bugs bunny and his companions. It has to be done. However, the most difficult task would be finding water. While there is plenty of water to be found in most locations around the world, it is extremely dangerous to drink. Naturally occurring pools of water can cause a huge amount of diseases, some of which could even result in fatalities. You have to make sure the water you drink is pure. This is why you have the portable alkaline water filter. 

Clean Water, Anywhere
Most naturally occurring water that has been stagnant for a while is acidic. This, combined with a lack of essential nutrients makes the water quite unsafe to drink. However, the portable alkaline water filter will sort this out. What it does is replicate the cleansing process that natural rivers undergo. It filters the water through several layers of essential nutrients and alkaline compounds which neutralize and clean the water. It also ionizes it with essential minerals. This makes the water safe enough to drink. However, it is still advisable to boil all water before drinking, if possible. This has been and always will be the safest way to get clean drinking water.
If you are planning on taking a trip to a remote location that doesn’t have reliable sources of water, make sure you get one of these handy devices. It may add a little extra weight to your backpack, but it will definitely be worth it when you run out of water to drink and the only source is a little pool so black with acid and all the other ingredients that hell is made of that you’re wondering how even mosquitoes can hover around it. Yes, the traveler’s bottle is very useful to have indeed.

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