Things That Should Be Taught For Teenage Girls At School

Every teen girl when growing up get so many questions and issues of life as their bodies get to change and as their mentalities change with the hormone transformations. Therefore they tend to find out things secretly and may sometimes they use wrong methods and get their lives into trouble.

Therefore the best thing a school should do is, teach them on sexual education and on menstrual education as they will be then properly aware of what is happening with their bodies and how things can be sorted without using unnecessarily means. These can be taught by the mothers as well but if a school can arrange additional facilities as such by bringing in medical bodies and other counselors who conduct lectures on such topics it brings a good name for the school as well. Therefore every parent should send their daughters for this campaigns and programs in order to make secure background knowledge for them.

First of all, the lecturer or the medical body should make a great bond with the students and be friendly with them and then allow them to ask questions or write notes and send the questions for them to answer. They should be lenient enough to answer those questions as they are very important for their lives. Then they should teach them on the period cycle, reasons for it and how they can manage the days they get periods and so on. They should be taught on safety napkins, tampons and they should know that after childbirth it is better to buy menstrual cup as it is easier for the mother as there are no wings, strings or anything. It is better to do presentations, and use dummies to show them how it should be worn properly and how to conduct the pelvic health properly.

They should have a better understanding on good mediballs do they work as there are so many fake items that are sold for cheaper prices and that are low in quality. Those could bring so many germs and other diseases and therefore they should know what is better for them. That is why these programs should be organized to show them right from wrong. It is the duty of the school to teach these for the girls as their lives have to be secured and should be conducted in better ways. Therefore in order to live a healthy life these programs should be duly organized as they should be aware of their lives and other backgrounds.

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