What Are Architectural Draftsman & Their Duties?

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If you are going to construct or build any building, road, highway or any shopping mall then you must need a map or drawing of your required idea which you have to follow for the completion of your task. An architectural draftsman perform this task for you.

An architectural draftsman or simply a draftsman is a person who draw the technical picture of your idea which you are going to build or want to build. They actually show you the visual image of your own dreams or ideas.

The architectural draftsman perform one of the most technical task in the process of thinking about and building anything. So draftsman is the most crucial task performing person in drafting companies. There is a big difference between the work of building designers and architectural draftsman. Although, both can work in drafting companies in northcote having different roles, like building designers is directly in contact with clients and come to know about their ideas and demands, judge other criterion of the building place or the place where the road is going to be built. He also get the information about the budget of the client so that they could work being under this budget. On the other hand, draftsman specifically architectural draftsman perform a technical work which aid in the performance of building designers by making technical and accurate picture or diagram of the required project according to client’s need. With this technical diagram it will be much easier for the drafting companies as well as building designers for having idea and making arrangements for the completion of the project or that specific desired task. It will increase the quality of drafting services in a very positive way.

Duties of architectural draftsman:

Duties and functions of architectural draftsman in drafting companies vary according to the demands of the client and location of the project site:

  • First of all architectural draftsman gather all the information about the requirements and demands of the client and the engineers like in the case of building house he gathers the information about the number of rooms, material a client wants to use in house, location or climate of the place where it has to be built. And in the case of building road or bridge, he may gather information about the location or nearby places of the site, and the material going to be used.
  • After getting detailed information, the architectural draftsman work closely to that of engineers by making a proper draft of the project assigned to him. He mentions all the details in this draft like size and direction of the rooms, their elevations and design. For this purpose they use CAD software.
  • After making these drafts, they approve them from the clients and engineers and make changes on their demands keeping in view that these changes must not have any effect on other things involved in the construction. This will improve their drafting services.
  • The architectural draftsman also visit to the location of the project so that have much more accurate and better idea about the details.
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